Infra Red Photography

Submitted by themetman on Wed, 04/10/2019 - 11:18

I have been shooting using InfraRed Film since 1997. This was quite a challenge but very interesting. The main drawback is that you have to mount the camera on a tripod, compose the picture, place the IR Filter in front of the lens which is opaque. Guess the exposure and take the picture. Well best to take three (bracketing the exposure by one stop). So you only get 12 shots on a roll of 36 and have to wait for the developing before being able to see what you have.

I converted to Digital Infra Red in 2009 using a Nikon D100 Camera converted to IR by LifePixel. You can see the filters on offer here

I have found out problems relating to processing RAW Files which is very interesting to anyone doing this. My examples are using an Infra Red Converted Camera, but apply to anyone shooting RAW.