Wind Turbine Stats for Ratooragh Weather Systems

Latitude is 51 33.33 N Longitude is 9 37.75 W Altitude is 60m

600W - 800W Wind Turbine with 3m diameter from Hugh Piggot Design
I built this in the spring of 2012, but only have data from September 2012 due to some teething problems at the start and developing the software to log the data.
Where you see a zero in the data that is likely to be when the turbine was damaged in some way. You can see details about these events here
I replaced the original Wood Baldes for Aluminium ones in early September 2018
Those broke in August 2020 and replaced by 4mm thick blades in September 2020

The Wind Turbine Data is from September 2012 to 2021-05-31 when it was decommissioned.

Wind Turbine Major Life Events

2011-11-01 'Commenced Building Wind Turbine'
2012-04-01 'Finished and Erected'
2013-04-17 'Blade broke in a Storm'
2014-03-10 'Mast Broke when erecting turbine after service'
2015-03-21 'Blade Split'
2015-04-04 'Stator repaired'
2015-04-15 'Stator Wires coroded so reaired'
2017-01-01 'Some Magnets broke off the Stator'
2017-02-18 'Turbine Erected again with New Disks and Magnets'
2017-02-23 'Stator Disintegrated. Probably from Magnet Problem'
2018-01-02 'Blades broke in Storm Eleanor - Turbine off until September'
2018-09-06 'Changed to 3mm Aluminium Blades from the USA'
2019-07-14 'Threaded Bar broke on stator'
2020-04-28 'Turbine Serviced'
2020-08-25 'Two Aluminium Blades broke during Storm Francis'
2020-09-09 'New 4mm Aluminium Blades from Bowens Forge'
2021-04-14 'Turbine Serviced'
2021-06-01 'Turbine Decomissioned - Stator needs rebuilding'