I am interested in Linux since about 1999, in particular Gentoo Linux, but also use CentOS, Arch, Fedora  and Mint. I qualified as a Linux Certified System Administrator in 2016. I am also have some experience in Drupal Site Administration.

I am keen to promote the use of Linux as a safe, fast and fun environment for most people. It is easy to find a Linux Distribution to match old or new hardware which will give a nice user experience.

I cannot abide Windows, Google, Social Media ...... you get the gist!

The main subjects I will touch on here are the Installation and workflow of Backdrop CMS which I am using now instead of Drupal 8.

I became disenchanted with Drupal 8 and have moved to Backdrop CMS.

I am going to add some Hints and Tips about Gentoo Linux as well.

I have used Drupal since 2012 (version 6). If you are interested in Drupal, checkout my Drupal 8 Installation script on github and more on Drupal using Composer, Drush and Git here

I am developing a HowTo for receiving Eumetcast (Weather satellite Reception) under Linux.