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Ratooragh Weather Systems is an offspring of https://choughs.net our main website. On this site you will find detail about my Weather Systems, Home/Energy Projects, some Computer Ramblings and Infra-Red Photography.

My Campbell Scientific Data Logger stopped working 2023-11-09 05:05:00  it is in for repair

2021-06-01 The Wind Turbine Stator has disintegrated.
I have somewhat reluctantly decided to decommission it.
For Storm Francis in 2020, see here
Turbine Blade Performance Compared is here

I have now added historic data for the Photovoltaic System. For the full picture visit the PV Stats Page

With the Energy Crisis I have created up to date graphs

The Home Situation

Weather Stats and Tides - Weather Pages which include more Satellite Images.

Also my Sunshine Recorder Card Problem
Here is some interesting data on Methane Pollution

Latest Weather & Energy Data

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North Atlantic Synopsis with Different Products

North Atlantic Synopsis Air Mass

North Atlantic Synopsis with Air Mass Product


North Atlantic Synopsis Dust

North Atlantic Synopsis with Dust Product


North Atlantic Synopsis Natural

North Atlantic Synopsis with Natural Product
North Atlantic Synopsis Night Overview

North Atlantic Synopsis with Night Overview Product


North Atlantic Synopsis Water Vapour High

North Atlantic Synopsis withWater Vapour High Product


North Atlantic Synopsis Water Vapour Low

North Atlantic Synopsis with Water Vapour Low Product


Astro Stuff for 2024-06-23

Schull Harbour Tides for 2024-06-23
1st HW 06:40 3.6m, 2nd HW 19:00 3.6m
1st LW 00:25 0.6m, 2nd LW 12:40 0.7m
Do NOT use for Navigation!
Sunrise Today is at 04:22 UTC - 48.98°
Sunset Today is at 21:00 UTC - 310.97°
Day length as Hrs is 16.633
Due South at 12:41
Sunrise Tomorrow is at 04:23 UTC - 49.05°
Sunset Tomorrow is at 21:00 UTC - 310.90°
Day length as Hrs is 16.617
Due South at 12:41

Moon Phase is Waning Gibbous (day 19)
Zodica Sign of Aquarius
Moonrise Today 23:46 UTC - 116.83°
Moonset Today 07:57 UTC - 236.91°
Earth Moon Distance = 371,062
Next Full Moon is on 2024-07-21