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I have now added historic data for the Photovoltaic System. For the full picture visit the PV Stats Page

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Here is a recent Air Mass Satellite Image with an Overlay to show the fronts. (C)Eumetcast and Ratooragh Weather SystemsEumetsat Air Mass Image with Bracknell Overlay

Astro Stuff for 2019-11-26

Schull Harbour Tides for 2019-11-26
1st HW 04:10 3.3m, 2nd HW 16:30 3.3m
1st LW 10:15 0.6m, 2nd LW 22:30 0.6m
Sunrise Today is at 08:14 UTC - 123.74°
Sunset Today is at 16:37 UTC - 236.14°
Day length as Hrs is 8.383
Due South at 12:25
Sunrise Tomorrow is at 08:16 UTC - 124.08°
Sunset Tomorrow is at 16:36 UTC - 124.08°
Day length as Hrs is 8.333
Due South at 12:26

Moon Phase is NEW Moon (day 29)
Zodica Sign of Libra
Moonrise Today 07:42 UTC - 118.07°
Moonset Today 16:52 UTC - 239.44°
Earth Moon Distance = 372,147
Next Full Moon is on 2019-12-11