These images show how much Electricity we have been using and creating since we installed out Solar Photovoltaic Panels in 2014. The Red is Electricity used by the Geothermal Heat Pump. The Blue is the rest of our Electricity Use. Green is Electricity generated by the Solar Panels offsetting the Electricity we are using. The Yellow is the Electricity being Exported to the Grid.

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Overall we generate 22.5% of our yearly Electricity Used, and Export an equivalent 13.5%. Time for Batteries I think!

 Import Export for today by the Hour

Import Export for the Last 3 Months by Day

Import Export By the Month since Installation

Here are the figures up to 2017-12-11
Year Total Mains No HP Per Year kWh Total HP Per Year kWh Total Self Consumed per Year kWh Total Export per Year kWh
2015 13,324 5,061 3,419 1,906
2016 11,733 6,490 3,450 1,895
2017 11,032 4,723 3,259 1,701