I an attempt to reduce our energy use we have taken various steps since we arrived here.

  • The extension we built onto the old cottage is made from Ytong Blocks (aerated concrete) which is light, quick to build and with very high insulation. The velux windows, and other windows have a high insulation factor too. We have Sheep Wool as roof insulation.
  • Underfloor Heating run from an Air to Water Heat Pump, mainly on at night when needed on the cheaper rate of electricity.
  • Solar Panels on the roof (vacuum tubes) to heat our water.
  • A Wind Turbine which I built. This heats water only, I do not feed electricity back to the grid.
  • I have installed 5kWh of Solar Photovoltaic Panels to generate electricity, feeding any excess into the grid.
  • I have also installed a 10kWh Battery System to enhance the Solar PV