This site runs on Backdrop CMS. I have changed from Drupal because I have found that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to syncronise the Configuration and Content between the Local, Dev and Production sites in Drupal 8. I think that Drupal has moved away from being suitable for Non-Profits towards Enterprise use. Fortunately Backdrop is based on Drupal 7 and has been set up for Non-Profits to be able to use with relative ease.

I have been using Drupal since 2012 from version 6 to 8 and am beginning to get an idea of how it works. I am now an Individual Member of the Drupal Association.

Drupal Association Badge

If you are interested in Backdrop CMS then checkout my Installation script on Github.

If you are interested in Drupal, checkout my Drupal 8 Installation script on Github and more on Drupal using Composer, Drush and Git here